July 2006

Mets 63-41 after 104 played

Belt_1Beltran, phenomenal. That series, just tremendous.

Atlanta, such a pit for the Mets for so long — I mean, I couldn’t have been the only one who was complelely and utterly confident that the Mets would just trounce the Braves. And then they did, capped with the 10-6 win on Sunday. 

Really, what more can you say about this team at this point? Especially with the magic number just…


That’s over the now depleted Phillies (well, depleted beyond Howard and Utley). The lead over Philly is 13 1/2, and 15 — 15! — over Atlanta. Does it make all those years of finishing behind Atlanta feel any better? Not at all. But i am pleased to think that if all remains on pace, we’ll have ended that **** Braves streak.

Good luck, Omar, as the deadline approaches. Don’t do anything silly.

Mets 61-41 after 102 played

Is it just me, or has over the course of just one season — really, half of one — has playing in Atlanta gone from being something you’d dread as if it were a case of crabs to "just another series" — and mean that sincerely.

After an early hiccup, Pedro did the Pedro thing. Why? Well, he’s Pedro, the Mets are the "New" Mets and the Braves are really "just another team."  Atlanta fell to 48-54 as August approached — we’re talking 1989 numbers for them — while Jose Reyes and David Wright went deep and Billy Wagner was nice and tight in the ninth in a sweet 6-4 win on Friday.  That drops the Mets’ magic number to a mere…


Over Atlanta? Who? No! That’s over the Fighting Fish of South Beach, who sank Philly, are in second at 12 1/2 games out and are really a pretty decent team. The Braves are 13 out, and I’m ALMOST at the point where I think of them merely as a team that fields fantasy baseball players, since the NL franchise really doesn’t contribute much.

Mets 60-41 after 101 games

ValSure, he’s faced two of the worst offenses in baseball his last two starts, but, hey, at least John Maine actually delivered again. And so did John Valentin (wild mustache ride continues), making up for the screwed-up sac with the inevitable game-winner.

So the magical season continues, with the Mets able to get no-hit for six innings and shut out for nine, in a 1-0 win Wednesday to avoid the sweep. The Braves were winners, too, but who the **** cares. Mets magic number dips to…


Again, over ATL. who 11 1/2 out and are next up for the Mets.

Mets 59-39 after 98 played

Delg_2And we’re back, after a number of weeks away from a computer. Truly tragic. But from here on out, expect the updates to return daily.

But it seems things have held together in Metsdom. Mike Pelfrey gave us a couple of decent outings before Sunday’s hiccup, but John Maine showed us plenty of promise (and Brian Bannister is close to returning, too, giving us plenty of fifth-starter-type options for the fifth-starter spot) … Jose Valentin’s mustache ride continues as the Mets continue to go deep and show us the Apple at a wonderful pace … Carlos Delgado seems to be coming out of his slide, while David Wright’s MVP numbers continue to grow … and while we have been without our ace for a month (please remember to read the expiration dates, Pedro), we haven’t lost a step in the standings. This is a truly deep collection of players, and the Mets Magic Number’s season-long crush on Endy Chavez resumes for another day.

So where are we? Well, with 64 games left, the magic number lies at just…


And that’s over the Braves and Phillies, although Atlanta is a tick higher in the standings, 12 1/2 games out to Philly’s 13 1/2. A tremendous part of me would like to see the Braves win the Wild Card and have the Mets douse them in the NLCS, thus allowing the Mets to get to the Series "through the Braves." But I guess winning the division by 10 or so (or more) games serves quite the same purpose.

With a .602 winning percentage, the Mets are in line to win 97 1/2 games, which we’ll round up to 98, easily the best pace in the NL. The Tigers are staring at 109 wins, which is crazy. I can only dream Vance Wlison was a big part of it.

Mets 53-36 entering second half

Wright_6Sorry for the slow updates, and sorry in advance for what COULD be a slow stretch coming up (will be out of town, and unsure if my internet access will be readily available).

But, oh, what a first half! David Wright and Carlos Beltran are legitimate MVP candidates, with Jose Reyes not far behind. Tom Glavine could be a Cy Young front-runner, and most importantly, the Mets have a huge lead in the division.

The magic number entering the second half (which is actually 16 games shorter than the first for the Mets), stands at a mere…


Changes are likely ahead, knowing Omar Minaya as Mets fans do. It should be a fun roll to the finish.

Thanks to everyone who’s chimed in, and I swear I’ll start replying to those comments!

Much love.

Mets 51-35 after 86 played

It was an ugly night for the Mets from 7-10 p.m. LT on Friday with their 7-3 loss (and injury to Jose Reyes).  But at least they can leave it to the Phillies — losers to Pittsburgh in a Keystone State battle — to get them closer to a division title.

Once the dust settled and Jose Lima cleaned out his locker, the Mets’ magic number fell to …


Mets 51-34 after 85 played

Wright_5Another solid win for the boys in blue/orange/black/white on Thursday. Trachsel was just solid enough — his calling card, I suppose, while the offense was just as we like it here in a 7-5 win that sealed a 3-of-4 series win over the Bucs.

Philly played it pretty normal, losing to the Padres, and thus dipping the Mets’ magic number to just…


The Mets’ lead is back to 12 1/2 games. The Braves, while not a dramatic threat to us, for now at least, have crept to just one game behind the Phils.

Mets 50-34 after 84 played

Duque_1My sincerest apologies for being slow on the updates the last few days — it was a confluence of family in town, a birthday celebrated and a new puppy in the home all contributing to the ********. 

What did we miss? Some bad (dropping two of three to the Skanks, an ugly loss to Pittsburgh) along with the good (Endy helps key the comeback vs. the Bucs). But Tuesday night, equilibrium returned, as everyone departed my house hours before El Duque pitched like it was Villa Clara, 1985, and the first-inning magic was back in a zippy 5-0 win over the Pitts.

That win, plus a Philly loss and all the catch up from the last few days left the Mets’ magic number at just …


As it’s been, that’s over the Phillies and the Fightin’ Fish of Las Vegas’ future.

With the win, the Mets became the first in the Senior Circuit to 50.

Mets 48-32 after 80 played

Family in town has kept me from updating this quite on time, but regardless, things are OK in Queens as the Mets escape across the Whitestone.

Sure, Boston was ugly, and the first night at Yankee Stadium was no prize either. But Saturday as they have so many times over the years, the Mets had the Unit’s number — and it was eight, the amount of runs he coughed up in the Amazin’s 8-3 win.  The Phillies and Marlins continue to duke it out for virtual second place, so while Philly is "just" 11 1/2 out, the Mets magic number is actually over the Fish, and that number stands at just …


Tonight (Sunday) in the Bronx the Mets reach the halfway mark of the season.