Mets 63-41 after 104 played

Belt_1Beltran, phenomenal. That series, just tremendous.

Atlanta, such a pit for the Mets for so long — I mean, I couldn’t have been the only one who was complelely and utterly confident that the Mets would just trounce the Braves. And then they did, capped with the 10-6 win on Sunday. 

Really, what more can you say about this team at this point? Especially with the magic number just…


That’s over the now depleted Phillies (well, depleted beyond Howard and Utley). The lead over Philly is 13 1/2, and 15 — 15! — over Atlanta. Does it make all those years of finishing behind Atlanta feel any better? Not at all. But i am pleased to think that if all remains on pace, we’ll have ended that **** Braves streak.

Good luck, Omar, as the deadline approaches. Don’t do anything silly.

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