Mets 61-41 after 102 played

Is it just me, or has over the course of just one season — really, half of one — has playing in Atlanta gone from being something you’d dread as if it were a case of crabs to "just another series" — and mean that sincerely.

After an early hiccup, Pedro did the Pedro thing. Why? Well, he’s Pedro, the Mets are the "New" Mets and the Braves are really "just another team."  Atlanta fell to 48-54 as August approached — we’re talking 1989 numbers for them — while Jose Reyes and David Wright went deep and Billy Wagner was nice and tight in the ninth in a sweet 6-4 win on Friday.  That drops the Mets’ magic number to a mere…


Over Atlanta? Who? No! That’s over the Fighting Fish of South Beach, who sank Philly, are in second at 12 1/2 games out and are really a pretty decent team. The Braves are 13 out, and I’m ALMOST at the point where I think of them merely as a team that fields fantasy baseball players, since the NL franchise really doesn’t contribute much.

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