Mets 59-39 after 98 played

Delg_2And we’re back, after a number of weeks away from a computer. Truly tragic. But from here on out, expect the updates to return daily.

But it seems things have held together in Metsdom. Mike Pelfrey gave us a couple of decent outings before Sunday’s hiccup, but John Maine showed us plenty of promise (and Brian Bannister is close to returning, too, giving us plenty of fifth-starter-type options for the fifth-starter spot) … Jose Valentin’s mustache ride continues as the Mets continue to go deep and show us the Apple at a wonderful pace … Carlos Delgado seems to be coming out of his slide, while David Wright’s MVP numbers continue to grow … and while we have been without our ace for a month (please remember to read the expiration dates, Pedro), we haven’t lost a step in the standings. This is a truly deep collection of players, and the Mets Magic Number’s season-long crush on Endy Chavez resumes for another day.

So where are we? Well, with 64 games left, the magic number lies at just…


And that’s over the Braves and Phillies, although Atlanta is a tick higher in the standings, 12 1/2 games out to Philly’s 13 1/2. A tremendous part of me would like to see the Braves win the Wild Card and have the Mets douse them in the NLCS, thus allowing the Mets to get to the Series "through the Braves." But I guess winning the division by 10 or so (or more) games serves quite the same purpose.

With a .602 winning percentage, the Mets are in line to win 97 1/2 games, which we’ll round up to 98, easily the best pace in the NL. The Tigers are staring at 109 wins, which is crazy. I can only dream Vance Wlison was a big part of it.

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