Mets 1-0. Magic number: 162

Glavinejpg275 Mets baseball, how I missed you so. We had more than 162 games last year, but, boy, did I feel like we should have had another four to seven games. Alas, the 2006 NL East champions will go down as one of the franchise’s best, but shy of elite.

That takes us to this year. Tom Glavine was terrific, as he has been for the last two or so years, the defense was spectacular, which isn’t something quite so common for recent Mets clubs, and the hitting was what we’ve come to expect out of this club.

Does the Mets’ 6-1 dowsing of the Cardinals on Sunday’s season opener make up for Game 7 of the NLCS last year? **** no. But it sure starts ’07 off on the right foot.

Because now, after one game played, the first-place Mets are 1-0 after one game played, lowering their magic number to a mere …


Lets go Mets! And don’t believe what everyone says about the pitching staff. They’ll be fine.

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