Mets clinch tie for NL East championship

A fait accompli has become a fact: The Mets will play in the postseason.

Thanks to the Philies’ 4-1 loss in Atlanta on Thursday, the Mets’ magic number dropped a thin …


And what that means is the Mets clinched a tie to win the NL East crown with the Phillies, meaning the worst they can do is tie for the division championship. One Phillies Mets victory or one Mets Phillies loss from now through the end of the season will clinch the division for the Mets.

And how magic is the No. 1 in Mets history? Look no further than Mookie.

The Phillies loss, incidentially, dropped them to 16 1/2 games out of first place (17 in the loss column) with 16 to play. The Mets have 17 to play.

Update (10:13 pm): Many thanks to oxfdblue for pointing out my above err. The hand moves faster than the brain sometimes.


I’ve been following your comments here since the magic # was in the 50’s… but I’m pretty sure in your excitement you made a mistake in tonight’s posting. You write:

“One Phillies victory or one Mets loss from now through the end of the season will clinch the division for the Mets.”

That should be the other way around… one METS victory or one PHILLIES loss…

Anyway…is that a subway I hear rattling down a World Series track?

This was a great idea for a blog – and a good year to do it.

Get ready to pop that champagne!

– Paul

I’m excited. Thanks for keeping track all this time.

-The Baseball Collector

Cheers! The Mets Clinch!

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

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