June 2006

Mets 42-24 after 66 played

Just like the saying goes: All good things come to a crashing, wholly unsatisfying end. And such was the case of the Mets’ eight-game winning streak on Friday, when a flimsy performance by Aaron Heilman led the club into a 6-3 loss to the visiting O’s.

But the sun still shone on Metsdom regardless, with Julio Lugo (two HRs) handling the paddle in a 10-4 spanking of the Phillies that lowered the Mets’ magic number to…


Mets 42-23 after 65 played

Wright_3It’s the middle of June, and the livin’s easy for the first-place New York Metropolitians, owners of a hefty 9 1/2-game lead in the NL East — 10 games in the loss column, even — following their 5-4 win over the Phillies on Thursday that sealed a three-game sweep and a 9-1 road trip. With Albert Pujols out, is there really any other choice for NL MVP at this point than David Wright? Is there any better sparkplug than Jose Reyes? What kind of damage can he do if he raised his OBP to that of an above-average leadoff hitter? The mind winders when it’s June 15, the Mets are riding an eight-game winning streak and the magic number is a mere …


That’s also the year the Mets last won the NL East. Coincidence? I think so.

With 42 wins after 65 played, the Mets are on a pace to win  104.6 games, which on a beautiful Thursday afternoon we’ll round up to 105.

Mets 41-23 after 64 games

Reyes_1The Phillies just can’t be this bad, but the Mets really may be this good. Rain can’t stop ’em, Philly’s ace can’t stop ’em — really, they’re just an absolute wrecking crew at this point with everyone getting it done. So is it any wonder that after a wonderfully balanced 9-3 win, one in which every player 1 through 9 delivered a hit and scored a run and one that extended the club’s winning streak to seven, that the Mets’ the magic number dropped to a cool…


That’s over these very Philadelphia Phillies, who stumbled to 8 1/2 games back. The Braves fell to a dozen games out. If my research is correct, the ’86 Mets jumped to their first 8 1/2-game lead on June 6, just a nine-game jump on the current club.

With 41 wins after 64 played, the Mets are on a pace to win nearly 104 games.

How’s this for perspective on how great a start the Mets have put together
: If the Mets were to play .500 ball the rest of the way, they would still finish the season with 90 wins.

Mets 40-23 after 63 played

WagnerOK, now we’re getting somewhere.

It was yet another huge game at the plate by the Carloses and David Wright — yup, smells like reliability — and the Mets overcame another rough outing by Tom Glavine (should we be concerned? not yet) as they grabbed the opener of a big set in Philly, 9-7. The game reallly was in the Phillies’ hands had they had any desire to take it, but even Sal’s Pals couldn’t rally the troops quite well enough, and in one inning, Philly entirely forgot they can use their gloves.

It all worked out quite well for the Mets, of course, and with thanks to Billy Wagner getting it done at the end,  the magic number slipped to a mere…


That’s over these same Philadelphia Phillies, who fell to 7 1/2 games back. The Braves are 11 games back, quite delicious.

With 40 wins after 63 played, the Mets are on a pace to win just about 103 games.

Mets 39-23 after 62 played

BeltThe Diamondbacks are an absolute mess, the Mets are an absolute joy and the Mets’ magic number must have gotten wet, because it’s suffering from heavy shrinkage on a Sunday, dropping to a mere …


That’s over the Phillies, who couldn’t handle a rookie named Shawn Hill in Washington, D.C. That loss came before the Mets even took the field for their 15-2 field day in Phoenix, where Carlos and Carlos continued to earn their money’s worth (along with Pedro, David, Endy, anyone named Jose, etc…). This team is humming, and just in time with the Phillies and a resumption of Interleague Play on the immediate horizon.

With 39 wins after 62 played, the Mets are on pace to win about 102 games over the course of a 162-game season.

Mets 38-23 after 61 games

HifiveAlay Soler is likely not this brilliant — although he could be quite awesome — and the ‘roid-panicked Diamondbacks are likely not this bad.  But somewhere betwixt the two, the confluence of events led to a delicious 5-0 Mets victory on Saturday night. The right-hander was excelente in becoming the second Cuban defector to go the distance for the Mets in three nights and thus lowering the Amazin’s magic number to just …


That’s over the Phillies, who were come-from-behind winners over the Nats. The Mets’ 38 wins trail only the Tigers for most in the Major Leagues.

With 38 wins after 61 played, the Mets are on pace to win roughly 101 games over the course of a 162-game season.

Mets 37-23 after 60 games

CarloswrightI took a few days offline, and the Mets continued to roll, many thanks to all players named Carlos — as well as David.

Thanks to an easy 7-1 win in Phoenix in the series opener Thursday, which was followed by another offensive outburst in Friday’s 10-6 win — and that’s in addition to a pair of losses by the Phillies to the Fighting Nats — the Mets’ magic number shrunk to double-digits at…



That’s the lowest total in the bigs, as is their 5 1/2-game bulge over Philly in the NL East.

With 37 wins after 60, the Mets are on pace to win a cool 99.9 games.

PS: Kaz — we hardly knew ye, and yet what we did know drove us nuts. Good luck at Colorado Springs.

Mets 35-23 after 58 played

LastWednesday’s 9-7 victory in Los Angeles is a terrific example of the kinds of games playoff-bound teams win and not-quite-ready-for-primetime ones don’t. Tom Glavine wasn’t all there, but he still came away with his Major League-leading ninth win, and Lastings Milledge homered and was otherwise playing as advertised as the Mets grabbed the series from the Dodgers and lowered their magic number to…


That’s over the Phillies.

Mets 34-22 after 56 games

ReyesbeltAlay Soler really did look as good as his line, taming what’s been a terrific Dodgers offense late Monday in a compact 4-1 victory in the series opener that dropped the Mets’ magic number to…


That’s over the Phillies, with it dipping to 99 over the Braves. 

I love Alay — We love it!

Mets 33-22 after 55 games

Woodward_1Catching up on weekend action: On Saturday, the Mets split a soggy twinbill with the Giants, dropping the opener, 6-4, before grabbing the nightcap in extras, 3-2.  All the while, the  Braves lost a pair to the Diamondbacks, while the Phillies couldn’t catch L.A.

Things weren’t quite as fun on Sunday, with the Mets unable to outlast the Giants in a 7-6 heartbreaking thriller, while the Phillies chased the Dodgers. But at least those silly red jerseys did nothing for the freefalling Braves.


When the dust settled after the weekend action, the Mets magic number dropped to…


That’s over the Phillies, with it standing at 101 over the Braves.  Could have been better, could have been worse, but hey, the games were good regardless.

If the Mets were to continue to play .600 ball, they’d finish the season with 97 wins. And even if they were to play just .500 ball the rest ofthe way, it’d still be about 87 wins (technically 86.5, since there’s an odd number — 107 — of games remaining).