Mets 40-23 after 63 played

WagnerOK, now we’re getting somewhere.

It was yet another huge game at the plate by the Carloses and David Wright — yup, smells like reliability — and the Mets overcame another rough outing by Tom Glavine (should we be concerned? not yet) as they grabbed the opener of a big set in Philly, 9-7. The game reallly was in the Phillies’ hands had they had any desire to take it, but even Sal’s Pals couldn’t rally the troops quite well enough, and in one inning, Philly entirely forgot they can use their gloves.

It all worked out quite well for the Mets, of course, and with thanks to Billy Wagner getting it done at the end,  the magic number slipped to a mere…


That’s over these same Philadelphia Phillies, who fell to 7 1/2 games back. The Braves are 11 games back, quite delicious.

With 40 wins after 63 played, the Mets are on a pace to win just about 103 games.

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