Mets 33-22 after 55 games

Woodward_1Catching up on weekend action: On Saturday, the Mets split a soggy twinbill with the Giants, dropping the opener, 6-4, before grabbing the nightcap in extras, 3-2.  All the while, the  Braves lost a pair to the Diamondbacks, while the Phillies couldn’t catch L.A.

Things weren’t quite as fun on Sunday, with the Mets unable to outlast the Giants in a 7-6 heartbreaking thriller, while the Phillies chased the Dodgers. But at least those silly red jerseys did nothing for the freefalling Braves.


When the dust settled after the weekend action, the Mets magic number dropped to…


That’s over the Phillies, with it standing at 101 over the Braves.  Could have been better, could have been worse, but hey, the games were good regardless.

If the Mets were to continue to play .600 ball, they’d finish the season with 97 wins. And even if they were to play just .500 ball the rest ofthe way, it’d still be about 87 wins (technically 86.5, since there’s an odd number — 107 — of games remaining).

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