Mets 39-23 after 62 played

BeltThe Diamondbacks are an absolute mess, the Mets are an absolute joy and the Mets’ magic number must have gotten wet, because it’s suffering from heavy shrinkage on a Sunday, dropping to a mere …


That’s over the Phillies, who couldn’t handle a rookie named Shawn Hill in Washington, D.C. That loss came before the Mets even took the field for their 15-2 field day in Phoenix, where Carlos and Carlos continued to earn their money’s worth (along with Pedro, David, Endy, anyone named Jose, etc…). This team is humming, and just in time with the Phillies and a resumption of Interleague Play on the immediate horizon.

With 39 wins after 62 played, the Mets are on pace to win about 102 games over the course of a 162-game season.


Mets Magic number,
I visit your site every night lol just to see how close were inching to the playoffs. I really hope we make it.

Come visit my site and joi nthe wrightoholics fan club.


Hopefully we can keep that magic number dropping tonight in Philly! Way to keep your eye on the prize…

You’ll cool off and we’ll be there!

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