Mets 89-55 after 144 played

CalrosIt’s been ugly for a few days for the Mets, and it looked to be more of the same as Tuesday night’s game sailed (sailed, because of the all the water falling Miami, you see..) into the middle innings. But after a missed opportunity in the seventh, Carlos Delgado punished his former mates and the Mets propelled themselves to a nice 6-4 comeback win over the Marlins.

The happy outcome led to a magic number that shrank to just …



That’s over the Phillies, who were rained out vs. the Braves. Oh, yes, the Braves, who cannot win the division. The Mets’ win eliminated "America’s Team" and thus ended Atlant’a insufferable streak. Always happy to see it end, I’m wildly happy that it was the Mets who were able to do it.

Three, by the way, has been quite the digit for light-hitting championship shortstops in Mets history, with both Buddy Harrelson and Rafael Santana donning No. 3 all the way to the World Series crown.

The Mets’ lead is now at 16 1/2 games over both the Phillies and the Marlins. A Mets win tonight would eliminate Florida from the NL East.


I thought any second place loss or first place win moved the magic number. How come the number didn’t go to 2 from 4 with #1 winning and #2 losing?

Sorry, I asked the question on the wrong date the first time-

I THINK you’re asking why the Phillies went down to 3 and not 2 — that’s because they were rained out. They didn’t actually lose, so their number only dropped the one from the Mets’ victory. The Marlins lost, dropping them from 4 to 2 — they lost and the Mets one (in one fell swoop), moving the magic number two digits.

That make sense?

When I looked in the paper the Marlins were in second place when they played, so I thought the number for the Mets would go from 4 to 2. I guess the Marlins were in third place at the time, not in second. I know it was just by hundredths of a precentage point.


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