Mets 88-54 after 142 played

First off, thanks to Dave, who correctly pointed out my err in projecting what could have happened on Sunday (but didn’t anyway).

The Mets screwed up a bit, too, falling utterly flat against another rookie Dodger in an ugly 9-1 loss. But regardless, the Fish took advantage of a brilliant outing from Dontrelle Willis (who I often will refer to as "keeper league Dontrelle Willis), to stop the Phillies and thus lower the Mets’ magic number to …


Nails. Rusty. Swoboda. Ventura. The Duke. THE MUSTACHE.

A very magic number.


I thought any second place loss or first place win moved the magic number. How come the number didn’t go to 2 from 4 with #1 winning and #2 losing?

When I was a kid, Swoboda was my favorite player. I happened to be at the gym when ESPN higlighted the 3 biggest Mets Web Gems of their history. (The Gym is the only way I can catch ESPN, as I don’t have cable).

Anyway, they named Swoboda’s catch in the ’69 World Series as their biggest Web Gem of all time.

Since Brooks Robinson blogs here, I invited him to describe the play from his point of view, but I haven’t heard from him yet.

Lets Go Mets!


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