Mets 84-50 after 134 played

BelThose who question whether Carlos Beltran should be MVP over Albert Pujols or Ryan Howard ought to watch his game-saving catch last night — just adds another element to his game others don’t have. It was Carlos’ glove and bat (1-for-4, two runs scored), along with a great return from Cliff Floyd (1-for-3, two RBIs) and yet another solid outing from John Maine that lifted the Mets to their second in Houston, a satisfying 4-2 win on Saturday.

The win, combined with the Phillies’ loss in the opener of a double header with the Braves, dipped the Mets magic number to a teeny …


That’s over the Phils, with the Braves at 13.  The Nationals can be
eliminated as soon as Sunday, with their tragic number at 2.

While other Mets favorites donned No. 12 in their Mets careers — Ron Darling and John Stearns among them — today we’ll recognize one of the men of the hour: Willie Randolph, who wore No. 12 during his lone year with the Mets, in 1992.

And on that catch by Beltran, by the way — Say what you will about New Yorkers those of you in Houston, at least we have class.

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It was definitely a good catch. But, I don’t think you can use that base Beltran’s candidacy for MVP. Howard may be nothing special defensively, (though his home run and RBI totals alone give him definite consideration) but Pujols’ glove has been incredible all season. He’s a very viable gold glove possibility this year.


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