Mets 83-50 after 133 played

PointYes, ladies, you have it correct, David Wright’s all that and a bag of chips. He’s back to being a key bat in a game every night again, going 2-for-3 Driday with the go-ahead hit as part of a three-RBI night. Tom Glavine, while imperfect, was back on the hill and it’s a good sight to see. As was the 8-7 comeback final posted in Houston that sank the Mets magic number to …


That’s for the late, great Gil Hodges, who’ll one day get his rightful spot in the Hall of Fame.

The Phillies were idle, with Ernesto’s remains blasting across the East Coast. They’re supposed to play two on Saturday, but who knows if they’ll get one in.  The Nats’ tragic number is down to three, so the Mets can in fact eliminate D.C. on Saturday.

The lead over the Phillies is now at 16 games in the division.

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