Mets 82-49 after 131 played

MoustacheWhie Kaz Matsui watched the balls said over his head, Jose Valentin’s "Wild Mustache Ride (R)" resumed as Jose Valentin blasted a pair of long balls. That power show, plus David Wright’s slump-busting (hopefully) grand slam and another (!?) great night by Dave Williams helped this one go to 11 after the previous night’s 10-run affair.   And with the 11-3 victory in Denver, the Mets’ magic number further shrinked on Wednesday night to just …


And that’s over the Phliadelphia something or others, it’s hard to read the names from this far ahead.

No. 16 could have been the most magic of all, but history will show it was a shooting star. We’re talking Dwight Gooden, Dr. K. It’s after him this blog is named after, of course.

The Mets’ 82 wins after 131 played put them on a pace for 101.4 wins. While they have one fewer win than the TIgers, thee Mets’ .626 winning percentage is the best in the game


I really want them to sweep–does that make me greedy?

The amazins are back…sigh, too bad my all time favorite Met, Mikey P. can’t be along for the ride…I just realized…he might be in the playoffs and do damage with the Padres ! Cripes….No jinx, no jinx, no jinx.

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