Mets 81-49 after 130 played

Belt_3It could very well have gotten ugly early Tuesday night. But Steve Trachsel held strong, winning his 14th, which amazingly is just one short of the NL lead, and the offense does what the offense does, teeing off on the Rockies’ staff to the tune of double-digit runs in a not-as-close-as-it-sounds 10-5 victory, one in which the whole offense was in tune. 

The win further lowered the Mets’ magic number to …


And you know what I mean, cuz the way it looks, is way beyond compare.  The number’s inherent magic goes well beyond the first track of the first Beatles album, of course. It was also Keith Hernandez‘s number, as well as David Cone‘s, who donned it in honor of Mex. And, of course, bronze-medal winner Dae Sung Koo.

The Mets lead remains 15 1/2 games over Philly, although the Marlins are coming on strong, with nine straight wins. The 81 wins ensures the Mets to not have a losing season, something that was inevitable, but it’s still nice to know it since we’ve had so **** many.

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