Mets 78-48 after 126 played

Delgado_2That loud thud you may have heard late Thursday was the St. Louis Cardinals. Carlos Delgado’s responsible for the other loud noise — that was his sixth homer in seven games, part of a nice little offensive showing put on by the Mets in their 6-2 sweep-completing win. Shawn Green added an RBI single in his Mets debut, a nice touch.

The win was the Mets’ 11th in a row at home, tying a club mark. It also was their first sweep of the Cardinals since 2000. Does it make up for Rick Aguilera’s inability to close out the Cards in October ’85? Not at all. My heart remains broken. But this sure feels nice.

The victory, combined with a Phillies implosion at Wrigley, lowers the Mets magic number to …


That’s over the same Phillies, who are next in the Mets’ crosshairs with their weekend visit to Shea. It’s also a very magic number in Mets lore, having been worn by ’86 World Series MVP Ray Knight. It was also donned by Donn Clendenon, who also won the World Series MVP — in 1969. Al Leiter also wore No. 22 to the postseason.

Oh, and as a postscript to a commenter from yesterday — I referred to the Cards’ "faux ace" in discussing Mark Mulder. I had absolutely forgotten that they had Chris Carpenter, that’s how little praise and press he receives (and undeservedly — he is indeed a bona fide ace). But I’ll stand by the fact that Mulder was brought in as a No. 1a, not as a No. 2, or the No. 5 he’s pitching like. And I’ll also stand by my thought as Beltran as the NL’s MVP. He probably will split the vote with Wright and Reyes, but that doesn’t mean he’s not the most deserving player in the league.

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