Mets 76-48 after 124 played

Belt_2Best game of the year? Perhaps. The steady buildup of the day Tuesday — good news after good news and then followed by good news — mirrored the steady buildup of the game’s drama. And it all added up to one that’ll be talked about for a long time, even if it wasn’t necessarily the top game of the year.

Tom Glavine? Healthy after he takes baby aspirin. Shawn Green? His acquisition is a mitzvah, and I’ll join him at shul on Yom Kippur — no games on Oct. 2, the day after the season ends and the day before the NLDS begins.

And then, of course the game. Albert Pujols could be MVP. But met face to face with his primary competition for the award, it was the Met who came out on top, when Carlos Beltran sealed the 8-7 sayonara win off ex-Generation K’er Jason Isringhausen in the ninth.

And to think, it was another Carlos — Delgado — who was the Mets’ headline for eight innings, slugging homer No. 399 and slamming homer No. 400. He’s back, and at a nice time, too.

Add everything up, and with a nice thud, the Mets’ magic number hits … 


That’s over the Phillies. It’s just 15 over the Nationals. The Mets are on pace to win 99 ballgames come Yom Kippur.

Oh, and welcome back Timo! And go to ****, Braden!

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Yeah, I’m from Houston so I know what a special player you have in Carlos Beltran. Even though he is no longer in Houston, I’m still a big fan of his. I hope the Mets go far in the playoffs!

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