Mets 86-52 after 138 played

Green_1Laaaareeeee…. Laaarreeee.

Ok, so Larry "Chipper" Jones is out with some kind of ****** strain, but that doesn’t make a Mets sweep of the Braves any less satistying, especially when he’s still in the house and most especially when that damned division streak nears its end.

We’ve already spoken on the Mets doubleheader opener victory, and it was more of the dominant same in the nightcap (really, late-afternooncap). Shawn Green continued to give tzedukah with another homer and a few more hits, while Oliver Perez showed why he was such a stud a few years back with the Bucs and why the Xavier Nady deal may just turn out OK in the end.  And it all added up to a sweet 8-0 win at Shea in Game 2 of the twin bill, capping a remarkable doubleheader in which the Mets swept the BRAVES — I agree, it used to resonate more, but still — behind the likes of Dave Williams and Oliver Perez, and beating John Smoltz in Game 1.  Magicical year for the Mets. And speaking of…

With the sweep, and combined with the Phillies’ loss to the Astros, the Mets’ magic number dipped to a mere…


Eight! Single digits!  The KidYogi!  Um… Carlos Baerga?! Who cares, it’s single digits.

That’s over the Phils AND the Marlins, who we offer props to for having baseball’s first no-hitter since 2004 behind rookie Anibal Sanchez. Good stuff, congrats.

The Mets’ lead swells to 16 1/2 over Philly and Florida after today’s action, and the Mets’ 85 wins after 138 played puts them on a pace to win 101 games.

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