Mets 74-48 after 122 played

LastingsYup. That’s pretty much how the ’86 club would have done it, too.  The opponent would cruise along and before anyone even realizes it, the Mets are ahead, erupting for a merciless rally.  Only afterward, the ’86 club would get wasted and get in a bar fight. Oh well, times change.

Great that so many of the greats were there to see the win, although too bad that a few like Knight, McDowell, Maz and Davey weren’t. Did Doug Sisk really not get booed?

And everyone looked great in the throwbacks, especially Lastings Milledge, who was particularly shiny on a night of stars and as the Mets doused the Rockies, 7-4.

The victory clipped the Mets’ magic number to …


That’s over the Phillies, who won big over D.C., and also made a non-splash, adding very aged Jamie Moyer to the staff. Philadelphia, which still harbors Wild Card hopes (what’s a Wild Card?, the division leader asks…), are 14 games back of the Mets.

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