Mets 48-30 after 78 played

Bah, what a disaster so far in Boston. Really ugly all around, not much positive at all to review. Maybe if Cliff Floyd weren’t hurt we’d have a few more runs, with the teeny porch in right, but it certainly wouldn’t have prevented too many more runs (well, four, actually, not having Milledge in left).


But despite the two uglies in Beantown, Philly really is just on that level daily, and their doubleheader sweep at the hands of Baltimore still dropped the Mets’ magic number two places to…


OK, t’s really not 74. That’s because the Marlins, while trailing the Phillies in the standings by percentage points,have one fewer loss and thus are the Mets’ nearest competitor, as far as the magic number is concerned.

So, in fact, the magic number for the Mets to win the NL East is actually…



Well, let’s hope we sweep the Yankees, right!?

Plus, I’ll be at Shea on July 4 and 8th, and so far when I’m there their winning percentage is 17 out of 20.

Come on, Mets!

I do believe that is your first strikeout 😉

Michael Norton – Some Ballyard

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