Mets 47-28 after 75 games

Reyes_2Really, stop me if this is gettiing old: JOSE REYES HAD ANOTHER HIT. AND ANOTHER. AND ANOTHER. AND ANOTHER.

Oh, and Carlos Beltran smacked a clutch homer, Steve Trachsel even was good enough to win his fourth straight and the bullpen was good enough to give the Mets a 7-4 win Sunday, which lowered their magic number to a mere…


That’s over the Phillies, who can thank the clash of a high and low pressure system over Boston for not having to lose to the red-hot Red Sox.

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Hi! I hope you’ll check out my new Mets blog:

Tonite’s game was great! That Jose’s too hot to touch. I could use less drama from Wagner, but hopefully he’ll get steadier soon.

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