Mets 44-27 after 71 games

******* you, Yankees. Why must you deliver the only good news of the day.

Well, it wasn’t all bad for the Mets, I suppose, with Jose Reyes whipping up a cycle and Jose Valentin’s wild mustache ride continuing for another night on Wednesday. But Billy Wagner frustrated with a ninth-inning blowup — still, I don’t miss Armando Benitez — as the Mets broke hearts with a 6-5 loss to the Reds.

Still, those Yankees. They helped us out again, shutting out the phlailing Phillies. So, erm, thank you, for helping drop thge Mets’ magic number to…


‘Tis over Philly.

I guess it could be worse — the Cards have been outscored by the White Sox 33-11.

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Sigh. Yes, the Mets lost, but I was there, and it was EXCITING.

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