August 2006

Mets 72-48 after 120 played

Delgado_1After three bad days in Philly, the Mets finally had a good one Thursday, riding a slump-busting performance by Carlos Delgado and another good start by John Maine to an easy 7-2 win.

Lost opportunities the first three games of the series, for sure, but at least the magic number is shrinking again, now standing at …


That’s over the Phils with 42 to play. The Mets’ .600 winning percentage translates to about 97 wins on the year. The Braves’ tragic number to end that damned division-winning streak is 27. Good stuff.

Mets 71-45 after 126 played

TuckerGood stuff all around. After a hiccup in the series opener, the Mets roared back — even if there wasn’t all that much roaring by the offense — to grab the next two, 6-4 on Saturday and 3-1 on Sunday. As it’s been so many times this season, the 25th man — this weekend, Michael Tucker — took charge to fuel the wins.

The result of the series win in D.C.? A magic number that’s dipped to a miniscule…


That’s a number best known to Mets fans as John Matlack’s uniform number, but also most recently worn by the un-good Danny Graves. I also like to remember it for ex-Generation K leader Paul Wilson.

But that’s the past. The present has everything to do with a 15-game cushion in the NL East over the Phillies, who are the next target coming up on the schedule.

The 71 victories for the Mets is just five behind the TIgers, who were just swept by the White Sox. It also stands as the second most in baseball to Detroit. The .612 winning percentage for the Mets plays out to a 99-win season come the end of the regulation campaign.

Mets 68-44 after 112 played

PedroMike Piazza — I’ll be there at your Hall of Fame induction (in a Mets hat, I’d hope), and I was standing at home during your homers tonight, but hey. I’m glad the current Mets got the win Wednesday, 4-3. And a nail-biter it was, with Piazza bashing a pair and another Padre making it close in the ninth off Billy Wagner. But the final was good, and so is a magic number that stands at a mere …


‘Tis over Philly, who beat Atlanta. Everyone’s a lot of games out.

Mets 67-44 after 111 played

PiazzaGreat reception for Mike Piazza, and every single clap was deserved. Best hitter in club history, and i don’t think there’s a debate. But for the context of the 2006 Mets, Tuesday’s was another great win — a 3-2 final — powered by the two MVP candidates of the present, David Wright and Carlos Beltran, all behind a pretty good effort by Steve Trachsel and the ‘pen.

The series-opening W, combined with a tough loss for the Phils, dropped the Mets magic number to just…


That’s over Philly, which now stands 13 1/2 games out with 51 to play. Hot stuff.

Mets 66-44 after 110 played

Reyes_3Ok, as far as I’m personally concerned, the buck stops here. No more lagged updates. I’ll try to get back to daily (or however often the number changes) once again. My sincerest apologies.

As far as Jose Reyes is concerned, however, I can stick my sorries in a sack. Because his grand slam and John Maine’s continued execution made the Mets very easy 8-1 winners Sunday night. So, Jose, this Rheingold’s for you, as well as David Wright, who’s now similarly in the fold for many, many happy recaps to come.

And where does all this leave us in the short term? WIth a magic number that’s fabulous at …



That’s over the pheckless Phils, who are 13 out in the NL East.